Lobby and Entrance Hall Design that Delivers a Great First Impression

Not many homeowners are lucky enough to own a property with a dedicated entrance space. As such it’s an excellent leverage tool to help create the impression of a dream home – and certainly an interior upgrade – for many buyers both hoping to step onto the property ladder, and also for those looking to spend more to get more.

As a property developer, creating a sizable return on your investment is crucial. As far as creating a great first impression, you don’t get much more primary than a lobby or entrance hall, so be trend-conscious and be sure to invest in creating a show piece that woos prospective purchasers.

Here’s our top tips for creating a great first impression:

Use a theme that engages your target buyer

The key to a standout entrance space is impact, so make sure you’re delivering a scheme full force. It’s always a good idea to work around a theme or a concept as this ensures a degree of uniformity and helps the space look cohesive to have maximum wow-factor. Be considered in your approach and think through all design aspects from the fixed finishes through to the furniture and accessories that dress the space.

Share the brand

In the current trend climate, it is popular to be brash with branding, and design-centric buyers will be looking for a degree of brand presence. Branding should always be included thoughtfully and with class, so try and use luxury finishes to your advantage when incorporating logos and development names.

For example, a logo carved into the natural stone of a concierge desk creates a bespoke feature that is subtle and premium.

Be bold and brave

WGSN – the trend and forecasting company – identifies midnight walls, metallic ceilings, limewash, textured panelling and coloured niches as just a handful of the bold, bright ways buyers are expected to experiment with interior colour and style in 2018.

Generation Rent is looking to bust free from the constraints of rental landlords and is eager to get their hands on statement spaces, and a lobby or entrance hall is the perfect opportunity. Take the chance to be eye-catching in a space with relatively low dwell time, because it can take it.

Think luxury

Entrances are traditionally grand additions to a home, and those connotations haven’t been lost on modern buyers looking to purchase in a luxury apartment setting. Use natural materials where possible such as real stone to create a sense of grandeur and opulence. If the budget doesn’t quite stretch to this, there are many materials that can mimic natural finishes while still giving a premium finish.

Reflect on your surroundings

The best lobbies are big and beautiful, and optimising reflective surfaces is an easy cheat to make a space feel infinitely bigger than it eludes to being when bare. Mirrors are an excellent choice, along with polished fittings and high shine materials.

Let the light talk

Reflective surfaces are worth very little without the help of light! The entrance is the ideal space in an interior to opt for a punchy design statement, and lighting has an undoubtedly premium feel to it whilst allowing a degree of boldness and expression.

Buyers are drawn in by warm, homely light, so choose a large statement pendant or chandelier style with a cosy glow and accent it with wall lights for mass appeal.

If in doubt, dilute

The classic checkerboard tile entrance hall ignites connotations of luxury and longing, so never underestimate the power of desaturation. Monochrome is as cool as ever, and its relentless ability to transcend time and trend gives it an impressive accolade as the go-to lobby style for a high-end finish and fabulous result.

It’s the little things

Don’t knock the extras, because they’re your point of distinction as a developer. The best way to encourage a buyer that a home is right for them is to make it easy and desirable to imagine living in, so work hard to create consistency, and always add those finishing flourishes. They may not seem like the foundation of a sale, but they contribute towards the feeling of elevated luxury that ultimately seals the deal.

First impressions count for everything when it comes to making buyers happy and turning a property into an interior dream that’s simple to sell. For help creating a seamless, stylish and completely bespoke scheme for your entrance simply contact our interior design team today.